Gentle Path Spotlight

The Client

Part of the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare family of companies, Gentle Path at The Meadows is a facility dedicated to helping men recover from a variety of compulsive sexual behavior disorders. They provide a safe and nurturing community where men are guided along their journey of recovery by looking not just at problematic behaviors, but at the root causes behind them. The goal for each person who visits Gentle Path at The Meadows is to gain the courage to face difficult issues, heal from trauma, and become accountable for their own feelings, behaviors, and recovery.

The Problem

Gentle Path at The Meadows is one the leading facilities of it’s kind in the country, yet their online presence didn’t match their reputation and standing in their field. They needed a redesign of their website with an improved content flow and design to better speak to their intended audience. 

Our Solution

Our development and design team quickly got to work researching Gentle Path and meeting with their team in order to create a website that would provide users with relevant content, a seamless flow of information, and help facilitate the overarching goal of gaining more admissions to the Gentle Path program. 

We began by working with the client to refine the hierarchy of content on their site, and develop wireframes which were used to help direct the flow of information.

The main goal was to make it easier for users on the Gentle Path website to find the information they needed. Information regarding the program, what they treat, admissions, and more are all easily accessible from the homepage as well as the navigation bar.

In addition to the improved hierarchy of information, our team created new designs to showcase Gentle Path’s unique brand, while also giving it a similar look and feel as the other Meadows Behavioral Health properties.  

By updating the design and the flow of content, we have built a website that provides visitors with ample amounts of information in a flow that keeps the user engaged and helps facilitate the goal of gaining more admissions to the Gentle Path program.

Click the link below to see how their new site turned out:


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