What’s it about?

Leave Your Mark is a “real talk” memoir from one of the fashion industries favorite PR gurus, Aliza Licht. As Donna Karen’s global fashion communications executive, Licht is known in the industry as a social media superstar. Licht gives an honest look inside the industry and what it took to get there, as well as lessons she continues to keep close as a leader in the communications world.

This book speaks to anyone who wants to start his or her career, or is looking to take a different career path. Licht goes through everything from landing the job you want, being successful, and creating your own personal brand to carry throughout your career.

In this contemporary working world, professional and personal lines are often blurred. Licht offers candid advice and real work experiences to help keep your identity while creating the career you want.


Is it any good?

Yes. For one, this book serves as a guide for anyone beginning a job search. Whether newly out of school, or completely changing your path, Leave Your Mark provides an excellent and relatable guide that anyone can follow. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for inspiration or a “slap in the face” to follow your dream and make the life you want to have.


Grade: A.

I think any real account of success is not only hard to come by, but extremely educational. It is rare to have someone give their real account of the hard and good times that led them to a highly successful position. Not only does Licht do this in Leave You Mark, but she also gives real life examples to support her claims and give you a sense of situation and how to act in your own personal life. This is a different kind of educational read, but one that will hopefully leave you inspired to make your own mark in the world.