7 Benefits of Content Repurposing

When you look at your content management strategy, sometimes all it needs is a refresh to provide more value. Repurposing content allows you to breathe new life into an existing piece. There are many unique ways to add a fresh spin, such as turning a blog post into a video or an infographic. One advantage of evergreen content is that it can be easily repurposed at any time. Here are 7 benefits of content repurposing that can improve your overall business. 

1. Reaches new audiences

Repurposing allows you to keep your current audiences engaged but it also helps you reach new ones. Everyone prefers to consume and digest information in different ways. One person may like reading a blog post, while another person would rather watch a YouTube video. When you repurpose content into new formats, you open up the possibility of reaching new audiences. 

2. Increases online presence 

Repurposing leads to more high-quality content attached to your business. This not only positions you as a thought leader in your industry but can also increase your brand awareness, build your audience, and attract more customers.

3. Improves organic traffic

Gaining organic traffic is becoming increasingly difficult because there’s so much content out there to digest. Every business also deals with peaks and valleys of their organic traffic performing well and then stalling. However, there are ways to improve your visibility. Repurposing different content across multiple formats can significantly improve your organic search. It also increases your opportunities to rank for targeted search queries

4. Gives underperformed content a new spin

Sometimes certain content doesn’t perform as well as others. That often doesn’t have to do with the content itself but with how it’s presented. Over time, blogs become dry and don’t have the same SEO capacities as they once did. This allows you to refresh underperformed content by strengthening the message and translating it into a new format.  

5. Maximizes time & content efforts   

Marketers often think they need to constantly create new content to achieve the best results, but that’s simply not the case. Putting a unique spin on something that you’ve previously written allows you to create higher quality content while putting in the same amount of effort. You can then dedicate the extra time to new marketing projects or other aspects of your business. 

6. Improves SEO

The more content you put out can significantly improve your SEO. Google prefers websites that it can trust, so the more content that you create around similar topic positions you as a more credible source. The more opportunities you have to prove your trust and credibility within your industry, the greater your results will be.

7. Diversifies Content 

Consistency is critical when it comes to keeping your audience engaged. However, not all content performs well in the same format. Instead, promoting content across various channels and mediums allows you to convey the same message with a fresh spin through diverse forms.  

The Takeaway 

One of the best practices for deciding which content to recycle is to look at your analytics. Take note of which pieces of content performed well in the past and which ones could benefit your audience from an update. If the content was successful in the past, it’ll still be valuable with a fresh perspective. When you update your content management strategy, consider maximizing your marketing efforts by repurposing content to expand your reach, improve overall visibility and SEO, and provide more value to your audience.