5 Team Building Activities - Astute Communications

Participating in fun team-building activities is critical to your business’ success. Additionally, developing personal bonds among your team can give your business a competitive edge. There’s a direct correlation between personal bonds and engagement levels. Well-formed bonds will increase engagement levels in the workplace. Developing personal bonds through team-building activities will also improve employee satisfaction. Here are 5 team-building activities to help boost engagement and create an impactful company culture

1. Murder Mystery 

Planning a murder mystery can be a great way to bond with your team. Additionally, this activity can be planned in person or virtually to accommodate physical, hybrid, and virtual workplace schedules. You can designate one team member to be the host and plan out the details. A murder mystery involves collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Additionally, it can help develop communication and build culture. 

2. Escape Room

Another great team-building activity is an escape room. This activity strips the use of technology and challenges players to work through clues and agree on the next steps to solve the puzzle and “escape” the room. Escape rooms involve teamwork, trust, leadership, problem-solving, and communication. When the team’s collaboration leads to an exciting outcome, you’ll feel an unforgettable sense of teamwork knowing that everyone worked together towards a shared outcome.

3. Trivia Night 

Hosting a trivia night is a fun and engaging team bonding activity. You can even establish a theme based on everyone’s shared interests. Even if you’re not an expert, it’s entertaining to answer the questions. Trivia draws universal interest and is a great learning experience. It’s also inclusive by giving everyone a chance to participate. This team-building activity involves teamwork, collaboration, and critical thinking. 

4. White Elephant 

Having a white elephant gift exchange is a fun and humorous way to bond with your team. For this exchange, each team member buys a non-traditional gift, and then each person has to guess who bought their gift when they open it. Additionally, you can set a price point that is typically under $20. This is an easy and inexpensive activity to make memories with your team. There’s also an extra layer of humor and entertainment to see everyone’s reaction to what gift each person receives. 

5. Shark Tank 

People love sharing and hearing ideas. Having a shark tank session is a great way to have a pitch session with your team. This team-building activity requires everyone to participate and bring their unique ideas to the table. This cultivates excitement and encourages team members to get creative with presenting their ideas, i.e., presentations, models, or diagrams. A shark tank session is extremely valuable because it can spark inspiring new products, services, or initiatives regardless of what ideas are pitched. This team-building activity involves creative and strategic thinking, communication, and listening. 

The Takeaway

Team building involves utilizing valuable skills that are necessary for the workplace. These various work events can help your team improve their skill set, develop personal bonds, and build your company culture. As a result, your team members will be more satisfied and engaged in the workplace, and your business will be more successful.