5 Reasons to Use Music in Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Astute Communications

Music is an integral part of our everyday lives, with the average consumer listening to four hours of music every day. There are many misconceptions around music marketing, such as that it’s too costly or your customers won’t appreciate it. Some marketers don’t understand how to leverage music in their digital marketing strategy effectively.

The truth is music is much easier to use commercially than you might think, and it can be highly effective for your business. Music also invokes emotional responsess in consumers, which is essential for any digital marketing campaign to gain new customers. Here are 5 reasons to use music in your digital marketing strategy. 

1. Gain Visibility 

In the same way that artists and bands have loyal fanbases, their fans are also consumers. When you think of how some of your favorite brands have leveraged music in their marketing strategy, you understand that it leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s a small social campaign or lifelong endorsement, music marketing is an excellent way to gain visibility. 

2. Increase Engagement 

Music fans are incredibly loyal. They are constantly consuming, whether it’s streaming or downloading music, attending live events, or buying merchandise. Artists and bands also experience high social media engagement levels, mainly because fans want to feel connected to their favorite artists. If you compare your social media following to an artist with a similar size following, there’s a significant difference. This is why using music in your marketing strategy is highly beneficial. 

3. Cost-Effective 

Advertising with music will always cost something, but there’s scalability with your options. Aligning your marketing strategy with a high-profile artist who has sold millions of albums might cost you thousands. Partnering with local and regional artists — many of whom will become more prominent, successful artists down the line —  is an excellent alternative. Rising, local artists have a mixed audience of family, friends, and fans. This is a more cost-effective option that yields higher engagement levels and loyalty. 

4. Unique Use

Music in marketing is a unique way to build awareness of your products and services. Aligning your business with an appropriate artist can drive consumer interest in what you’re offering. Finding commonality between an artist and your business is an excellent first step, depending on what products or services you’re selling. For example, if your business markets eco-conscious products, pairing your campaign with an artist passionate about sustainability can help drive sales. 

5. Leads to New Opportunites 

The music industry is vastly growing. In today’s digital landscape, anyone can become a successful artist. These opportunities can happen overnight, presenting value for businesses, too. Say you use an artist’s song in your marketing video, and then they shoot a music video that showcases one of your products that goes viral. You might decide to further your relationship with the artist, forming a brand partnership. Music in marketing opens the doors to these types of opportunities, gaining brand visibility and increasing engagement. 

The Takeaway

There are many reasons you should consider using music in your digital marketing strategy. Music and marketing is an excellent way to gain visibility and increase engagement among your audience. Drawing an emotional response from your audience by working with artists that share commonalities will help you build brand loyalty. Partnering with emerging artists also leads to new and exciting opportunities, allowing you to grow your brand alongside your digital music marketing efforts.