Whether you’re just getting started or have been actively running an SEO strategy, one of the first things you should do is claim and verify your business’ Google My Business profile. Getting on Google My Business can vastly increase your chances of showing up in SERP features like the local three pack, Google maps, local finder, and organic search results in general. Qualifying businesses can claim this free service on Google which displays business information such as their address, phone number, business hours, etc. In this blog we’ll look at five different optimizations you can make to amplify your business on Google.

1. Answer Everything and Answer First

When you first get started making your Google My Business profile you’ll want to fill out every field available. Google wants to know as much about your business as it can possibly learn. Once you have all your basic information filled out, Google can quickly begin to show your profile to Google users. 

Apart from being ahead of the game on your My Business profile, filling out all the information is necessary to avoid any false information being posted on your profile. On My Business profiles, there is a “Suggest Edits” button for users to update the business’ information. This button allows Google users to suggest edits to your profile and sometimes these edits can be published if enough people suggest edits. That’s why it’s wise to fill out your profile early, accurately, and consistently maintain it.

2. Post When You Can

Posts are a great way to catch a user’s eye when your My Business profile is showing. Posts are essentially used as miniature ads or as another way of posting on social media. You can get creative with them by adding images, promotions, calls to action, and even links. Posts are also great for letting searchers know that you’re having a sale, moving locations, or make it a tool to promote your website. Remember to post regularly so you can try and engage with as many Google users as possible.

3. Reviews 

Online reviews appear next to your listing in Google Maps and your My Business profile in search results. Online reviews are an essential tool for every business on Google. It allows you to see exactly what your customers are saying about your business and gives you the chance to respond. Kindly responding to reviews is a good thing to practice in hopes of changing a bad review to a good one, or securing a lifetime customer. 

Additionally, online reviews are known to impact search result rankings, consumer trust, and click-through rates. Much like a good SEO content strategy tells Google that you’re a good authority, five-star reviews do the same thing. 

4. A Good Image Goes a Long Way

Photos and videos have become two of the best ways to communicate your brand online. Adding photos and videos to your My Business page humanizes your brand and gives searchers “proof” that you are who you say you are. Even having images of the building and interior can drastically improve consumer trust and engagement with your business. It’s also worth noting that different Google Users can add their images of your business as well. Be sure to add enough high-quality images to ensure your profile looks its best.

5. Products and Services

Adding different products and services you offer to your profile is an easy way to get more conversions, appear in more search results, and make purchasing your products easier. When adding your products you’ll want to include a strong description, the name, images of the product, and the price. When people come across your My Business profile in search results, your profile will display your products in a carousel so users can easily see what you offer.

Now It’s Your Turn

Whether you’re just getting started with SEO or already have a strategy of your own, be sure to optimize your Google My Business profile as best as you can. The more optimized and up to date your profile is, the more opportunities your business will have to appear in related search results.