We hope you are still stuffed from a delicious Thanksgiving meal spent with family and friends. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s socially acceptable to get in the holly jolly spirit. It also means buckling up for the fierce holiday competition and executing your perfect marketing strategy. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

know your audience

It’s the season of giving, and that means it’s time to widen your audience. Remember that the people who buy your product/service, may not actually be the ones using it. Targeting people who may buy your product for a loved one is key. If your audience is typically middle-aged mothers, targeting their young adult children or husbands can prove successful. Your audience change should be reflected by your messaging. Show your product as an excellent gift option for mom, or whoever your traditional audience is.

keep it simple

Because your audience may vary this time of year, it’s important to remember that these consumers may not be as willing to invest in your company, as say the person they’re buying for. Keep your messaging concise and centered on a call-to-action. This is the time to push hard sales. Remember that you are one of the many voices in the crowd, so you want to make the buying process as simple as possible in order to stand out.

build out your list

The holidays are a great time to build a robust email list. Use tools like giveaways, discounts, purchases or inquiries to gather real email addresses. These are potential leads to use during and after the holiday season. Make sure you’re capitalizing on this by developing a strong email system. Your designs should be eye-catching and more than ever, they need to stand out in an inbox. See some of our tips for making the most of email marketing. You could even make a downloadable resource, like a shopping guide, recipes or even an ebook that customers can access on your website or through email. These campaigns can help build a stronger and more engaged list moving into the new year.

find the posting sweet spot

Consumers are inundated with advertisements during the next month, so make sure you’re adding to the noise strategically. Quality over quantity is especially important during this season. That often leads to the frequently asked question: how often should I post? It’s hard to say an exact number, but I’ll say it depends on the industry. If you find a way to post every day on social media about your product, whether it be about a sale or a countdown to Christmas, then by all means, post away. But I stand by my rule that posting just to post is never a good idea, and when your audience is this big, it may actually negatively impact you.


Marketing during the holidays is a different kind of beast. You need to shift your strategy. Making the most of a diverse audience will prove beneficial for the entire year. Remember that this audience is more unique, diverse and expansive than any other time of the year. Use that to capitalize on sales now, while also building customers for life.