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"Thank you for moving Vintage into the 21st Century online and in print. We love our new look! We appreciate you and your team!" - Margaret Dunn


Vintage Millworks is an architectural woodworking company that was founded in 1987. The craftsmen at Vintage Millworks make beautifully hand-crafted woodwork for commercial properties and private residences. The three pillars of their business model are that woodwork should be beautiful, classic, and well made. They certainly live up to that model.


We were thrilled to lead the rebranding for Vintage Millworks. As a 30-year-old company that has establshed itself as the premier woodworking shop in the Southeast, we knew we needed to create a logo that resembled the care and craft that goes into their work. We created refined mockups of the three chosen sketches that were presented to Vintage Millworks for selection and revision. With their approval, we finalized and refined the logo into something that captures the essence of the beautiful body of work that they’ve been creating for over thirty years. The result: a logo that is simple, elegant, and timeless.

mobile site screen shot for Vintage Millworks website
mobile site screen shot for Vintage Millworks website
mobile site screen shot for Vintage Millworks website
mobile site screen shot for Vintage Millworks website


Similar to the dated logo they had been using, the Vintage Millworks website had a lot of room for improvement. We designed their new website around the new branding, using the font and color palette we put together to capture the appropriate visual tone. This seamless incorporation of design elements yielded a sophisticated and visually stunning website that is suitable for their line of work. From a technical standpoint, we built a fully responsive website that is up to modern web standard and easy to navigate by users and search engines alike.


Behind this beautifully designed website is a team of marketing experts ready to take your business to new heights. We’re proud to be an official Google Partner.

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