• JourneyPure
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  • Behavioral Healthcare
"One of the first moves I made when I was brought in as CMO was to bring in Astute Communications to get our online branding and positioning in order. They more than delivered!" Jamie Vance, CMO, JourneyPure
Group Therapy session at JourneyPure in Tennessee.


JourneyPure was founded in 2015 with one goal: to become the “standard in addiction treatment.” Within two years the company had expanded to eight facilities in the southeastern United States, offering a variety of top tier programs. The rapid growth had left marketing efforts confused and scattered.

JourneyPure understood that their marketing and branding needed the world class, game-changing feel that their services embodied. Marketing in the field of behavioral healthcare, and specifically addiction treatment, is highly competitive. It’s difficult to go up against the huge conglomerates that own hundreds of facilities. With care and precision, Astute knew just how to drive results. We were tasked with unifying the company’s web presence and visibility, while also increasing site traffic and conversions for several facilities–Particularly the flagship facility, JourneyPure at the River.

Custom Web Design & Development

We built four websites for JourneyPure: 3 facility website and their corporate site. Each location needed a consistent design with unique content and assets.

To accomplish this, we used a WordPress Multisite install. We are able to manage each site from one location, establish a consistent look and feel for JourneyPure facility websites, and still present customized branding and design for each individual facility.

The JourneyPure websites are developed to drive engagement and conversions. They all utilize advanced marketing features such as live chat and call tracking technology that integrates with robust analytics data in a central tracking portal. Through the use of this technology, their marketing team can track where leads are coming from and who is converting.

All of this coupled with aggressive search engine optimization efforts set JourneyPure up for success in a complex and intensive industry.

Astute Communications offers expert Search Engine Optimization Services.


The importance of ranking well in SERPs (search engine results page) can’t be overstated. Lead generation and conversion rise significantly for businesses that rank on page one. The competitive field of addiction treatment is no exception.

Improving the organic rankings for JourneyPure was a high priority. Our SEO audit and competitive analysis indicated that we had our work cut out for us. We began by moving their websites to our secure hosting environment, which improved load times and gave us an almost immediate bump in rankings. We then optimized the content on each page both internally and externally. By taking these swift actions, we were able to achieve a 300% increase in organic traffic over the first couple of months. Over a period of just 8 months, we increased new user visits to their flagship facility website by 1298%, incoming phone calls by 1640%, and incoming live chat engagements by 1555%! not only were we driving more traffic to the site, we were driving relevant traffic. Traffic with high potential to result in admissions to their facilities.

1298% increase in new site visitors
1640% increase in incoming phone calls from various online marketing efforts
1555% increase in live chat engagements on the website
JourneyPure River Group Therapy Session between four men.

Social Media Management

Social Media marketing for JourneyPure is primarily done through Facebook, with Twitter being implemented as a secondary platform. Through Facebook, we worked with the JourneyPure internal marketing team to create monthly campaigns, including #TalkAboutAddiction. By creating engaging content that included eye catching infographics and custom designed images specifically for Social Media, we were able to grow and showcase the JourneyPure brand.

Photography & Video

We were thrilled at the opportunity to work with JourneyPure to demonstrate the beautiful environment and skilled staff using photography and video at the River location. The rolling landscape nestled on the stone river in Murfreesboro was the perfect setting for our drone video shoot. In addition, we shot interviews with staff members and b-roll of the property. In total, we shot four interviews with key staff members, including the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Clinical Officer. Additional photos of the campus added a nice touch to the website and to other marketing materials that we created for them.