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By performing a technical audit as well as taking a deep dive into the competitive landscape, we were able to easily surpass the marketing benchmarks that were set.
Genetics Associates Cytogenetic Technologist - Astute Communications


Genetics Associates was established in 1990. They provide high quality, efficient, economical, and state of the art cytogenetic diagnostic services and the quality of their work is second to none. While the business advantages of being a customer-centric, nimble lab are obvious, there are disadvantages when it comes to marketing and online visibility.

Many of the big players in the medical industry spend millions of dollars fostering partnerships that place them at the top of the heap. Genetics Associates knew they needed to reach out to an experienced agency for both updating their website and improving visibility online.

Custom Web Design and Development

In order to communicate the quality of the cytogenetic diagnostic laboratory, it was necessary to redesign the Genetics Associates website. It needed to convey an understanding of the modern medical landscape. Astute designed and built and fully responsive website that is clean, well-organized, and easy to navigate.

We built the site with a focus on user experience, adding features and functions that like an interactive directory of services and the ability to order supplies online. We also made special considerations for SEO with faster load times and a crawlable layout that search engines prefer. In the end, Genetics Associates loved their new site, feeling that it embodied the professionalism and care that they put into their work.

Genetics Associates SEO engagement by Astute Communications.


Increased leads and conversions rise significantly for businesses that rank on page one of search results.

Many of the customers in this field of cytogenetic technology tend to be doctors and other medical professionals. Additionally, anything even remotely related to the medical field is fiercely competitive. Nevertheless, improving the organic rankings for Genetics Associates was a high priority for us.

After competing an initial SEO audit and competitive analysis, we began by getting them key listings in niche based directories, as well as blog outreach. By taking these actions we were able to draw more links to their site, thus improving their domain authority. We then optimized the content on specific pages of their website in order to rank for keywords related to their business. By taking these actions, we have significantly increased organic traffic and visibility for Genetics Associates. We have continued to show great improvement in SERPs over the course of their engagement with our SEO services.

Genetics Associates Print Marketing Materials designed by Astute Communications.

print marketing materials

For healthcare industry professionals, collateral marketing materials go a long way at conventions and networking events, and with individual sales leads. It is pretty much expected to be handed a high quality folio with information that clearly lays out a company’s services.

Genetics Associates had a need for these types of marketing materials, and Astute was happy to create them. We designed each page in-house, paying mind to represent their brand with every turn of page. In the end, Genetics Associates is proud to have the folio represent their business to prospective clients.

Genetics Associates Photography services by Astute Communications.
Genetics Associates Email Marketing by Astute Communications.


How do you showcase a state of the art Genetics Lab? The photography for Genetics Associates was some of the best we’ve done. Over the course of a full day, we shot the staff as well as the lab. This included several “action” shots and “mood” shots. The photography did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the organization as well as the people who make it a great place to work!

Email Marketing

Launching an email marketing campaign has been another effective approach in the expansion of Genetics Associates reach.  We began our engagement with a monthly newsletter, the purpose of which was to inform and engage our audience. Not only did we design the look and feel of the newsletter, but we were also tasked with writing and delivering it each month. Email marketing is a smart and effective way to reach an intended audience, and we’ve been able to use that to our advantage in our continued efforts to grow brand awareness for Genetics Associates.